Learn to Fly, or Stay Grounded Forever

Learn to Fly, or Stay Grounded Forever Learn to Fly 3 Hacked is a innovative, fun-to-play, addictive flash game. In it, the user assumes the role of an innocent bird, who is desperately flightless but has to learn to conquer his aviation challenges and burst into the sky. By using a modular upgrade system that modifies individual properties, the Learn to Fly game ensures that the player will get countless hours of untold fun.


The main interface of the game include a menu from which the player makes choices such as what type of equipment to use, starting from a rudimentary spring which launches our pilot hero into the clouds, all the way to a jet-powered rocket backpack which the avian protagonist will surely soar past his fellow with. The objective of Learn to Fly 3 is quite simple – you must get your flightless bird hero amongst the clouds, you can try it yourself right now on popular gaming blogs, there is also another trending game Tank Trouble 2, a lot of people say that it is amazing, maybe you should give it a try. Once you blast off and Learn to Fly, you are awarded dollars when you fall back to earth. By using this currency, you can purchase upgrades and better ways to forever shed gravity. Statistics that are modified by Boosts and Stages you purchase include Weight, Power, Fuel, and Max Lift. Different stages include cool powerups that affects the user character including Baloons, Pressurized Gas, Helium Rockets, and others. Maximizing the coordination and cooperation of these four traits ensures that you reach high altitude, and therefore, the most money.


Controls are simple, with a single click and release serving to propel our pilot into the stars. Once airborne, users can use the arrow keys to determine the trajectory and flight path of the player-controlled character bird.Once a Stage is complete, the user goes to the Hangar, where typically they will start off by upgrading their Coil by clicking on the green plus All Postsside until money is depleted. From here, it is a short step to click on the Stages tab or the Boosts tab to choose from a predetermined list of myriad powerups, enabling the user to go on an adventure. Users can combine Stages and Boosts in order to create a unique type of challenge that is as rewarding as it is hard.


Learn to Fly 2 game is a fast-paced, fun Flash game that may appear simple and relatively carefree, but is actually quite complex. The questions it begets are almost philosophical in nature, including, should a bird want to challenge nature just to be with its fellows? Also, is a bird a bird if it cannot fly?

Well, have fun playing, and SHOOT FOR THE STARS!

Apple Shooter Online

Apple Shooter OnlineWhat is Apple shooter Game?

Apple shooter is an online game based on archery. There are a number of game genres available online, but archery is one of the rare genres that involves actual patience, and skill of the gamer.Well, shooting an apple over the head of your buddy is something you have always seen in movies and daredevil YouTube videos. However, the stern warnings that always come with such types of actions have always made you and your crew have second thoughts of trying it at home as they are also performed by professionals. But with Apple Shooter Online, you can enjoy the thrill that comes with grabbing a bow and an arrow and aiming it over the head of your buddy but in virtual sense. What’s even more engaging is that the game is more entertaining if you really suck at it.

Overview of Apple Shooter Online

Shot the apple off the head of your pal by using a bow and arrow. If you miss you end up hitting your buddy’s head. The further away you progress, the more difficult the game gets.

icon of gameHow to play Apple Shooter Online

Point the bow and the arrow using the mouse to aim for the apple. Left click and hold down the button to stretch out the bow. The longer the mouse button is held, the more thrust and power it accumulates when the shot is fired. You may be the best shooter in your hood but this game will give you the real challenge. The game requires ardent accuracy with the bow and arrow or else you will shoot the head of your assistant.


The game doesn’t have age restriction. Both the old generation and youngsters can play Apple Shooter game online as a form of relaxation, same way as Tank Trouble game from official site.

your targetAccessing apple shooter game

Unlike before where games could only be found in game cartridges Compact Disks and downloading it via torrents, now games can be played online without having to necessary download them. All you need to access to play Apple shooter online is connection to the internet.

Apple Shooter Reviews

Reviews are the best way to judge for oneself what is good and worth your time trying and what is a big flop. With an average rating of 7.9/10, the game surely doesn’t disappoint as confirmed by Mary Forest-wood of Huston, Texas.

“Before I played apple Shooter online, my afternoons in the office used to be dull and couldn’t wait to get back at my couch. However, I now go overtime playing the game and later extend it home whenever I’m free. The game has enhanced my concentration to detail and is a must have for anyone looking for a game to improve on cognitive abilities.”


Take a look at Infectonator World Dominator

If you’re a big fan of zombie flash games, then this game is the right one for you, if you are into tank games you should try this game. The Infectonator World Dominator flash game isn’t what you think it would be. Most flash games that include zombies, are the ones where you have the chance to protect the world from the infected – in the Infectonator World Dominator flash game, it’s the other way around. It’s your job to spread the virus and have world domination.

take-a-look-at-infectonator-world-dominatorSurprised? You should be. When most zombie games would have you as the main character, fighting against the brain eating infected corpse – the Infectonator World Dominator gives you the chance to create a world of chaos and the main objective is to spread the disease: not stop it. Pretty cool if you ask anyone who’s tried it. And it’s something most zombie flash games would give you so it’s a whole new game and a whole new experience. If you’re tired of having to defend the world over and over again, then here’s your chance to be the one responsible for wreaking havoc all around the world!

AS said, your main objective is to spread the viral disease and infecting people in the game with the virus you have created. The Infectonator World Dominator game gives you the choice to set loose your virus and sit back to watch as your zombies inflict some major damage. By each victim your zombie can kill, you can pick up the coins that they leave behind by gliding your mouse pointer over them. With the cash you’ve collected, you can upgrade your zombies like, give them a longer life, upgrade how infectious they can be and buy grenades that you can use on human defense task forces.

qwopQwop Unblocked game gives you an 8-bit retro style and it also has a very catchy type of theme music that gets you all hyped up while playing. This is a really fun game that you can play without having to stress yourself out and be so serious about since it gives you an option of what kind of zombie you can have in the field like the famous clown, web slinger and even the moon walker. Talk about something fun and different.

The stages that you have to play are short but they have a nice saving feature that can give you the choice to jump in and make zombies in under a few minutes. Once you start playing this game, no matter how funny it may seem to the players (I caught myself laughing while playing this game) it really is a game that you cannot tear yourself away from!

By first glance, you’d think it’s a game you won’t enjoy; you should give it a chance before you can call it quits. Rest assured that once you get the hang of this game, there will be no way you can have the power to stop – you only have the power to keep playing to dominate the world.


Why is Happy Wheels Popular Game?

Happy Wheels is a highly addictive game developed by Jim Bonacci in 2010.This is a game where in your search for victory a you have to suffer a number of blood related consequences.Known for its graphic violence,Happy Wheels in some ways is a combination of brutal accidental injuries and some humor.It simply involves a character riding through different obstacles and finishing different levels without getting injured or having your limbs completely blown off.

Happy Wheels Popular GameInstructions:
Happy Wheels unblocked begins with a rugged looking old man on a wheelchair trying to make his way through the level one obstacle course.Injuries will definitely occur in case you fall off and the wheelchair is not very stable.Once a player finishes the level,other vehicles are unlocked and you can play riding these vehicles.They include a cart,a two wheeler and a bike.

The player uses directional keys to accelerate, slow down,lean and brake.Shift,Control and Z keys eject the rider from the vehicle.
In case you get to steeper terrains press the space bar and try to reach up or go down.

Why is Happy Wheels popular?
The simplicity of the game is what makes it unique. One can also play it online for free. Players have the option of customizing their own levels meaning they can make it as hard or as simple as they want.
It is challenging giving the player an option of playing as many times possible.

In addition the player can create other different characters. More vehicles can be customized according to the player’s desire.

The desire to finish the all levels despite the injuries is what makes one keep on playing.Finishing in one piece is almost impossible.If you are a game addict then you will love Happy Wheels.The game,especially its level editor function has received positive reviews from many who have played.


Why shooting zombies in Zombie Trailer Park will blow away your mind

Zombie trailer park is a free flash game with many interesting features whereby zombies take over and begin destroying the metropolis until they reach your trailer. The aim of the game is to kill the zombies in order to manage your economy and defend your trailer park. The game has a setup of castle defense which earns money while playing to enable the player purchase a variety of weapons and hire manpower to deal with the zombies. Killing zombies will earn you “Yeehaw “points that will help in the activation of super weapons to help you win the game. You know I really would like to see mix of this game with Happy Wheels, just imagine all those zombies and dark humor, it would be epic 😀

zombie trailer park

Instructions of the game

The player of the game has to build more salvage yards to increase their income. Building more trailers will lead to an increase of the population cap. The player wins when the zombie base has been destroyed. There are a variety of options available to a player such as salvage yards, trailers and others when it comes to constructing their base. An army can be made by creating shovel men, drunkards, machine guns, angry farmers and pickup trucks. The salvage yards help in earning extra money. With the help of summoning which contains angry farmers, chainsaws and bombs, tractors and shovel men, the player can earn more “Yeehaw” points by shooting zombies and killing them.

Controls of the game

The game is easily controllable with the help of the mouse pointer which controls the angry army and the weapons that they use in shooting zombies. It is essential that the player of the game manages the money accrued well in order to be able to buy weapons for shooting zombies and kill them at a faster rate before they finish off the army instead.

Stages of the game

The game has four stages whereby at every stage, the player has to manage fighting the zombies and the city’s economy. The first stage is quite easy but as the game continues, more challenges that are harder open up. The zombies also have an army which contains zombies such as the brain munchers, hooker zombies; giant zombie catapult that throws zombies into the battle field from afar and many others which makes shooting zombies in ZTP to be quite a challenge and same goes for boxhead game as well.

Game logo

Who can play this game?

Zombie trailer park can be played anyone who has an interest for flash games. Its intricate design and variety of characters will keep the player busy, entertained and amused. If you wish to play another funny flash game try Electric man 2 Game for free.



Being an online shooting game, tank trouble is one of the most popular shooting games which is played by more than 300000 players every month.this game is very popular among the age group of 15-25. With a theme based on civil wars and battle with enemy, Tank Trouble unblocked is not very easy game to play.One of the merits i observed in this game is that you don’t need high speed internet to stream this game online.Tank Trouble will start very quickly.You can play this game with single player mode as well as with 2 or 3 player models. At the beginning,you are given the labyrinth,which is the way you have to move and pass,but never forget that you have to defeat your major enemy.You are the green player while your enemy-the lalka-is a red one.Apart from that you have to be smart enough in order not to be shot,you have to keep an eye on the Lalka.It doesn’t matter whether you move backward or forward as long as you stay alive.Give your enemy the opportunity to use up all its bullets.You can also shoot a lot keeping in mind you are not recommended to do so in a particular and only direction,here you can select how to act and when.

Due to the huge popularity of this tank game after its release a few years ago,the developers of the game launched its further versions like tank trouble 1,2 etc

You use the arrow keys on the keyboard to guide your tank through the game world and press ‘M’ when you want to shoot projectiles towards an enemy.That’s it.

Once you start the game,you fight with enemy tanks.Enemy depends on mode of the game.If you are playing in multi-player mode,then your friend’s tanks will attack you,otherwise computer robotic tanks will be there.You can even destroy your own tank.Therefore it is necessary that you play this game very carefully.Here are few tips to win hacked tank trouble swf.
Electrical beam:You can achieve this power by reaching special symbol.This special symbol may come anytime during the game and it is one of the most powerful weapons in the game

Reach special weapon:When playing this game with your friends,you have to reach that special power before them.Otherwise it can be used against you.

Separate peripherals:You need separate input output devices like keyboard and mouse for every player if you are playing his game with more than one player. Process of the play speeds up gradually and it will be difficult to move in labyrinth,but still worth playing and giving your best.BEST OF LUCK!

Apple Shooter – How to become the best archer in history

Have you heard about Wilhelm Tell and his fantastic story with the apple? 708 years ago, on November 18, 1307, Tell was challenged to draw the bow in an apple situated on his son’s head. Being sure of his arm and his eagle eyes, he accepted the challenge.Don’t worry because Tell was a very good archer and he managed to hit the apple without touching his son. Apple Shooter is inspired by this legend. Now you can play the role of William Tell and you can test your archery skills by playing this funny and highly addictive game.

Apple Shooter - How to become the best archer in historyInstructions
Apple Shooter is an achery game very loved by a large public. You have to hit an apple placed on your friend’s head without hurting him.
Your arrow must hit only the apple. Like Wilhelm Tell, you need to have archery skills and a very good aim.

The game is easily controlled with the mouse. You just have to aim and shoot.

How to win Apple Shooter – some useful tips

The apple is on your friend’s head. Shoot arrows without kill your friend! Calculate the angle and the blow and try to hit the apple. You’ll move away from your target with each successful shot, so be careful! If you miss the apple and hit your friend, the game is over!

Drag the bow very well and be careful to your target which is the apple. The arrow must hit the apple so pay attention to the trajectory of your arrow.

In order to become a good archer you have to practice. Play this game several times and you will see that your abilities to aim and shoot will be improved significantly.

So, are you ready to risk the life of your friend in order to be an archery champion? Train yourself and prove your talent in archery by playing this extremely popular game.


Test your skills by playing The Impossible Quiz online

The Impossible Quiz Online is a very prevalent and attractive flash game that you play online. This is a game where you can assess your skills and attempt to pass the most challenging but interesting quiz. The game has a pretty simple essence; you are requiredReview to take the test, answering all the questions.

impossible quiz

You will be expected to rest on both guess and logic to get solutions to each one of these questions. In the start of the game, you are set with a question and four probable answers. The answers are provided in the form of A, B, C, D whereby you need to presume the right answer. Subsequently, you will be examined with the second question and then the third and so on.

You will get three lives in the Impossible Quiz Online. For each wrong answer, you will lose one life. Consequently, you will be declared a loser when you lose all the three lives. This game is on the reaction and mind to the way of logic and thinking. For this reason, it is very helpful to broadening your mind, improving your English proficiency, and developing your thinking ability.

Instructions for the game:

As far as the instructions of the game are concerned, you are required to answer a certain number of questions correctly so as to get an additional advantage. The benefit entails skipping some questions, which you will not be capable of responding. Nevertheless, you cannot skip all questions.

Quest 68

Furthermore, there is some wrecked quiz, which you must respond to within the time given. Otherwise, the game will get over. Notably, you will be asked to answer some of the questions within one second. To get all the responses in the quiz correct, you will need to think outside the box.

Controls of the game:

The Impossible Quiz Online only requires one control; that is your mouse. You must choose the correct answer to each of the quiz asked, and you must do so using your mouse. The game is not easy, and therefore, even the answer that seems obvious to you may go wrong.


A lot of fun with Super Smash Flash 2

Since its first appearance back in 1999 for Nintendo 64 console, Nintendo’s Super Smash saga is quite famous and many people all around the world love this game. Now, everyone can have access to the game with Super Smash Flash 2. This game was first released in 2011 and its developers have been constantly updating it. SSF2 is a fun brawler that includes many classic characters from old games and anime such as Goku, Mega Man, Mario and Sonic. Bring all of your friends to play SSF2 with you and increase the fun. There is a single player mode and two players mode. You and your friends must choose 1 out of 24 characters, some of them are unique to this version and they are not included in the official Nintendo versions, that is why SSF2 is so entertaining and amazing. This whole new game is custom and not officially linked to Nintendo by any means, so that you will want to experience the differences that SSF2 offers. Play the full SSF2 version to start the battle and figure out what you can do. Instructions Pick your own character, choose the map you desire and let the fun rumble begin. Use all of your character’s abilities and your personal skills as a gamer to be the last man standing. You can activate a bubble to cover, attack to hit your enemies, jump to dodge an incoming attack, use combos to deal greater damage, grab items to unleash their power and take advantage of the map and your foes’ situation by running free on the stage.

A lot of fun with Super Smash Flash 2Controls These are the buttons that you must press in order to make your character move.
up: W.
Down: S.
Left: A.
Right: D.
Grab an item: U.
Activate the shield; I.
Attack number one: O.
Attack number two: P.
Taunt: 1.
Pause the game: 0.
Double space: Start the battle.

Keep in mind that there is also ssf 2 and tank trouble unblocked version of the game is available here.