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Apple Shooter Online

Apple Shooter OnlineWhat is Apple shooter Game?

Apple shooter is an online game based on archery. There are a number of game genres available online, but archery is one of the rare genres that involves actual patience, and skill of the gamer.Well, shooting an apple over the head of your buddy is something you have always seen in movies and daredevil YouTube videos. However, the stern warnings that always come with such types of actions have always made you and your crew have second thoughts of trying it at home as they are also performed by professionals. But with Apple Shooter Online, you can enjoy the thrill that comes with grabbing a bow and an arrow and aiming it over the head of your buddy but in virtual sense. What’s even more engaging is that the game is more entertaining if you really suck at it.

Overview of Apple Shooter Online

Shot the apple off the head of your pal by using a bow and arrow. If you miss you end up hitting your buddy’s head. The further away you progress, the more difficult the game gets.

icon of gameHow to play Apple Shooter Online

Point the bow and the arrow using the mouse to aim for the apple. Left click and hold down the button to stretch out the bow. The longer the mouse button is held, the more thrust and power it accumulates when the shot is fired. You may be the best shooter in your hood but this game will give you the real challenge. The game requires ardent accuracy with the bow and arrow or else you will shoot the head of your assistant.


The game doesn’t have age restriction. Both the old generation and youngsters can play Apple Shooter game online as a form of relaxation, same way as Tank Trouble game from official site.

your targetAccessing apple shooter game

Unlike before where games could only be found in game cartridges Compact Disks and downloading it via torrents, now games can be played online without having to necessary download them. All you need to access to play Apple shooter online is connection to the internet.

Apple Shooter Reviews

Reviews are the best way to judge for oneself what is good and worth your time trying and what is a big flop. With an average rating of 7.9/10, the game surely doesn’t disappoint as confirmed by Mary Forest-wood of Huston, Texas.

“Before I played apple Shooter online, my afternoons in the office used to be dull and couldn’t wait to get back at my couch. However, I now go overtime playing the game and later extend it home whenever I’m free. The game has enhanced my concentration to detail and is a must have for anyone looking for a game to improve on cognitive abilities.”


Apple Shooter – How to become the best archer in history

Have you heard about Wilhelm Tell and his fantastic story with the apple? 708 years ago, on November 18, 1307, Tell was challenged to draw the bow in an apple situated on his son’s head. Being sure of his arm and his eagle eyes, he accepted the challenge.Don’t worry because Tell was a very good archer and he managed to hit the apple without touching his son. Apple Shooter is inspired by this legend. Now you can play the role of William Tell and you can test your archery skills by playing this funny and highly addictive game.

Apple Shooter - How to become the best archer in historyInstructions
Apple Shooter is an achery game very loved by a large public. You have to hit an apple placed on your friend’s head without hurting him.
Your arrow must hit only the apple. Like Wilhelm Tell, you need to have archery skills and a very good aim.

The game is easily controlled with the mouse. You just have to aim and shoot.

How to win Apple Shooter – some useful tips

The apple is on your friend’s head. Shoot arrows without kill your friend! Calculate the angle and the blow and try to hit the apple. You’ll move away from your target with each successful shot, so be careful! If you miss the apple and hit your friend, the game is over!

Drag the bow very well and be careful to your target which is the apple. The arrow must hit the apple so pay attention to the trajectory of your arrow.

In order to become a good archer you have to practice. Play this game several times and you will see that your abilities to aim and shoot will be improved significantly.

So, are you ready to risk the life of your friend in order to be an archery champion? Train yourself and prove your talent in archery by playing this extremely popular game.