Being an online shooting game, tank trouble is one of the most popular shooting games which is played by more than 300000 players every month.this game is very popular among the age group of 15-25. With a theme based on civil wars and battle with enemy, Tank Trouble unblocked is not very easy game to play.One of the merits i observed in this game is that you don’t need high speed internet to stream this game online.Tank Trouble will start very quickly.You can play this game with single player mode as well as with 2 or 3 player models. At the beginning,you are given the labyrinth,which is the way you have to move and pass,but never forget that you have to defeat your major enemy.You are the green player while your enemy-the lalka-is a red one.Apart from that you have to be smart enough in order not to be shot,you have to keep an eye on the Lalka.It doesn’t matter whether you move backward or forward as long as you stay alive.Give your enemy the opportunity to use up all its bullets.You can also shoot a lot keeping in mind you are not recommended to do so in a particular and only direction,here you can select how to act and when.

Due to the huge popularity of this tank game after its release a few years ago,the developers of the game launched its further versions like tank trouble 1,2 etc

You use the arrow keys on the keyboard to guide your tank through the game world and press ‘M’ when you want to shoot projectiles towards an enemy.That’s it.

Once you start the game,you fight with enemy tanks.Enemy depends on mode of the game.If you are playing in multi-player mode,then your friend’s tanks will attack you,otherwise computer robotic tanks will be there.You can even destroy your own tank.Therefore it is necessary that you play this game very carefully.Here are few tips to win hacked tank trouble swf.
Electrical beam:You can achieve this power by reaching special symbol.This special symbol may come anytime during the game and it is one of the most powerful weapons in the game

Reach special weapon:When playing this game with your friends,you have to reach that special power before them.Otherwise it can be used against you.

Separate peripherals:You need separate input output devices like keyboard and mouse for every player if you are playing his game with more than one player. Process of the play speeds up gradually and it will be difficult to move in labyrinth,but still worth playing and giving your best.BEST OF LUCK!