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Why shooting zombies in Zombie Trailer Park will blow away your mind

Zombie trailer park is a free flash game with many interesting features whereby zombies take over and begin destroying the metropolis until they reach your trailer. The aim of the game is to kill the zombies in order to manage your economy and defend your trailer park. The game has a setup of castle defense which earns money while playing to enable the player purchase a variety of weapons and hire manpower to deal with the zombies. Killing zombies will earn you “Yeehaw “points that will help in the activation of super weapons to help you win the game. You know I really would like to see mix of this game with Happy Wheels, just imagine all those zombies and dark humor, it would be epic 😀

zombie trailer park

Instructions of the game

The player of the game has to build more salvage yards to increase their income. Building more trailers will lead to an increase of the population cap. The player wins when the zombie base has been destroyed. There are a variety of options available to a player such as salvage yards, trailers and others when it comes to constructing their base. An army can be made by creating shovel men, drunkards, machine guns, angry farmers and pickup trucks. The salvage yards help in earning extra money. With the help of summoning which contains angry farmers, chainsaws and bombs, tractors and shovel men, the player can earn more “Yeehaw” points by shooting zombies and killing them.

Controls of the game

The game is easily controllable with the help of the mouse pointer which controls the angry army and the weapons that they use in shooting zombies. It is essential that the player of the game manages the money accrued well in order to be able to buy weapons for shooting zombies and kill them at a faster rate before they finish off the army instead.

Stages of the game

The game has four stages whereby at every stage, the player has to manage fighting the zombies and the city’s economy. The first stage is quite easy but as the game continues, more challenges that are harder open up. The zombies also have an army which contains zombies such as the brain munchers, hooker zombies; giant zombie catapult that throws zombies into the battle field from afar and many others which makes shooting zombies in ZTP to be quite a challenge and same goes for boxhead game as well.

Game logo

Who can play this game?

Zombie trailer park can be played anyone who has an interest for flash games. Its intricate design and variety of characters will keep the player busy, entertained and amused. If you wish to play another funny flash game try Electric man 2 Game for free.


Test your skills by playing The Impossible Quiz online

The Impossible Quiz Online is a very prevalent and attractive flash game that you play online. This is a game where you can assess your skills and attempt to pass the most challenging but interesting quiz. The game has a pretty simple essence; you are requiredReview to take the test, answering all the questions.

impossible quiz

You will be expected to rest on both guess and logic to get solutions to each one of these questions. In the start of the game, you are set with a question and four probable answers. The answers are provided in the form of A, B, C, D whereby you need to presume the right answer. Subsequently, you will be examined with the second question and then the third and so on.

You will get three lives in the Impossible Quiz Online. For each wrong answer, you will lose one life. Consequently, you will be declared a loser when you lose all the three lives. This game is on the reaction and mind to the way of logic and thinking. For this reason, it is very helpful to broadening your mind, improving your English proficiency, and developing your thinking ability.

Instructions for the game:

As far as the instructions of the game are concerned, you are required to answer a certain number of questions correctly so as to get an additional advantage. The benefit entails skipping some questions, which you will not be capable of responding. Nevertheless, you cannot skip all questions.

Quest 68

Furthermore, there is some wrecked quiz, which you must respond to within the time given. Otherwise, the game will get over. Notably, you will be asked to answer some of the questions within one second. To get all the responses in the quiz correct, you will need to think outside the box.

Controls of the game:

The Impossible Quiz Online only requires one control; that is your mouse. You must choose the correct answer to each of the quiz asked, and you must do so using your mouse. The game is not easy, and therefore, even the answer that seems obvious to you may go wrong.