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Why is Happy Wheels Popular Game?

Happy Wheels is a highly addictive game developed by Jim Bonacci in 2010.This is a game where in your search for victory a you have to suffer a number of blood related consequences.Known for its graphic violence,Happy Wheels in some ways is a combination of brutal accidental injuries and some humor.It simply involves a character riding through different obstacles and finishing different levels without getting injured or having your limbs completely blown off.

Happy Wheels Popular GameInstructions:
Happy Wheels unblocked begins with a rugged looking old man on a wheelchair trying to make his way through the level one obstacle course.Injuries will definitely occur in case you fall off and the wheelchair is not very stable.Once a player finishes the level,other vehicles are unlocked and you can play riding these vehicles.They include a cart,a two wheeler and a bike.

The player uses directional keys to accelerate, slow down,lean and brake.Shift,Control and Z keys eject the rider from the vehicle.
In case you get to steeper terrains press the space bar and try to reach up or go down.

Why is Happy Wheels popular?
The simplicity of the game is what makes it unique. One can also play it online for free. Players have the option of customizing their own levels meaning they can make it as hard or as simple as they want.
It is challenging giving the player an option of playing as many times possible.

In addition the player can create other different characters. More vehicles can be customized according to the player’s desire.

The desire to finish the all levels despite the injuries is what makes one keep on playing.Finishing in one piece is almost impossible.If you are a game addict then you will love Happy Wheels.The game,especially its level editor function has received positive reviews from many who have played.