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Take a look at Infectonator World Dominator

If you’re a big fan of zombie flash games, then this game is the right one for you, if you are into tank games you should try this game. The Infectonator World Dominator flash game isn’t what you think it would be. Most flash games that include zombies, are the ones where you have the chance to protect the world from the infected – in the Infectonator World Dominator flash game, it’s the other way around. It’s your job to spread the virus and have world domination.

take-a-look-at-infectonator-world-dominatorSurprised? You should be. When most zombie games would have you as the main character, fighting against the brain eating infected corpse – the Infectonator World Dominator gives you the chance to create a world of chaos and the main objective is to spread the disease: not stop it. Pretty cool if you ask anyone who’s tried it. And it’s something most zombie flash games would give you so it’s a whole new game and a whole new experience. If you’re tired of having to defend the world over and over again, then here’s your chance to be the one responsible for wreaking havoc all around the world!

AS said, your main objective is to spread the viral disease and infecting people in the game with the virus you have created. The Infectonator World Dominator game gives you the choice to set loose your virus and sit back to watch as your zombies inflict some major damage. By each victim your zombie can kill, you can pick up the coins that they leave behind by gliding your mouse pointer over them. With the cash you’ve collected, you can upgrade your zombies like, give them a longer life, upgrade how infectious they can be and buy grenades that you can use on human defense task forces.

qwopQwop Unblocked game gives you an 8-bit retro style and it also has a very catchy type of theme music that gets you all hyped up while playing. This is a really fun game that you can play without having to stress yourself out and be so serious about since it gives you an option of what kind of zombie you can have in the field like the famous clown, web slinger and even the moon walker. Talk about something fun and different.

The stages that you have to play are short but they have a nice saving feature that can give you the choice to jump in and make zombies in under a few minutes. Once you start playing this game, no matter how funny it may seem to the players (I caught myself laughing while playing this game) it really is a game that you cannot tear yourself away from!

By first glance, you’d think it’s a game you won’t enjoy; you should give it a chance before you can call it quits. Rest assured that once you get the hang of this game, there will be no way you can have the power to stop – you only have the power to keep playing to dominate the world.